Accounting services are one of the main activities of the company “SALDO I.M.” In addition, we also offer accounting and tax consultations, as well as legal services, etc. We offer our existing and future clients a variety of accounting services, both full accounting services (chosen by the majority of clients) and separate accounting operations. We are and will be flexible and will always find an individual solution for you based on your wishes.

Accounting services you need to perform most often:

• Processing and posting of primary accounting documents.
• Receivables transportation – invoicing, posting to the customer’s chosen partner in accordance with the customer’s instructions and authorizations, sending by e-mail according to the customer’s instructions.
• Posting and paying supplier invoices on behalf of the customer.
• Reconciliation of creditors ‘and debtors’ account balances, preparation of mutual settlements.
• Cash flow planning and performance control.
• Advance payment accounting.
• Fixed assets accounting. Warehouse accounting.
• Bank accounting. Cash accounting.
• Salary calculation.
• Budget execution control.
• Individually prepared reports for the company’s management on request.
• Inventory and accounting of fixed assets.
• Preparation of operational financial statements.
• Preparation of the annual report.
• Cooperation with auditors.

Preparation of loan applications for receiving financing from commercial banks!
u.c. non-standard services.

We offer tax optimization, preparation of reports for state institutions. There are dozens of reports that must be submitted to state institutions, such as the SRS, the RSS, the Central Statistical Bureau and the Bank of Latvia. We will prepare and submit exactly those reports – reports that are necessary for your specific company. As well as help to cooperate with state institutions in resolving various issues, appealing decisions to the SRS, and other issues.

Work with us

If you are currently looking for an accountant, or want to implement a long-dreamed idea, including it in the project format, we will be happy to receive a phone call or e-mail from you, or you can use the “Apply for a service” login button. We will discuss all possibilities of cooperation.


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